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About Us

Who We Are

A federation of unions in Missouri that are affiliated with the national American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). This includes AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils as well as local unions, trade union associations, committees, councils, districts and regional groups whose parent organizations are also affiliated with the national AFL-CIO.

What We Do

  • Lobby local, state and federal legislators and representatives on behalf of union members and their families.
  • Work toward the election of candidates who support issues important to working families.

How We Do It

  • Encourage union members and their families to vote.
  • Educate members on the voting records of candidates for public office and their positions on issues important to working families.
  • Encourage union members to volunteer assistance to endorsed candidates’ campaigns.

Other Activities

  • Educate, encourage and support working people in exercising their right to organize a union where they work.
  • Implement the programs of the national AFL-CIO at the state level.
  • Promote equality in the workplace as well as in every aspect of society through:
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Legislative Initiatives
    • Community Service Programs
    • Support of public education and the inclusion of a labor education curricula in Missouri classrooms.

Jacob Hummel