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Union Jobs the Focus as President Biden Visits Missouri

08 Dec, 2021
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It was a great honor to welcome President Joe Biden to Kansas City today. President Biden took office with big ideas focused around union jobs. He set a goal to pass a bipartisan bill in an age of steep polarization and partisanship in this country and in Washington D.C. But as he promised on the campaign trail, he delivered for the American people.

A.T.U. Local 1287 President Will Howard introducing President Biden in Kanas City.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure law is the most significant investment in our country's aging infrastructure. This bill provides Missouri alone with around a $7.9 billion in investment. These are UNION jobs for many years to come.

In his visit today, President Biden announced a new website, BUILD.GOV. President Biden asked us to share our stories about how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will impact us and our communities on the new website. It is really simple to fill out a form and record a quick video. Click here to share your story.

A.T.U. Local 1287 President Will Howard and Missouri AFL-CIO President Jake Hummel

Building a Better America happens from the bottom-up and middle-out with good-paying, union jobs. President Joe Biden chose KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI for his first stop on the Building A Better America tour. He knows the value of our work here in the Show-Me State.

And thanks to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D) and Senator Roy Blunt (R) for voting in favor of this historic bill to bring union jobs and investment back to Missouri. They put investment in our future before petty politics and we must not forget that.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver welcoming the union workforce at the Building A Better America Event.

As President Biden said today, "No more talking. Action." Let's continue working hard for our union workforce in Missouri! I hope you have a great night.

In Solidarity,

Jake Hummel

Missouri AFL-CIO, President